Required Addons

1. Deadly Boss Mods or Big Whigs

2. RC Loot Council

3. Exorsus Raid Tools


Rules to Raiding

1. Dont be an asshole. I think that explains itself.

2. Use common sense if you see something you don't like. Example: message the GM or an officer if you have an issue. Don't say it out loud in the middle of a raid, in the zebras we are not going to baby anyone, but if people are constantly calling stuff out it can throw everyone off.

3. Make sure you do everything you can to be the best player you can be all of the time.

4. Loot rules go as follows: People who need the gear more and who show up will get the gear. Everyone wants to get gear but if we want to progress in mythic then we need a team that is geared, not one person. Show up and be a zebra and it may take some time, but you will get geared!

5. If you cannot make it let me or someone know. Make sure it is a viable reason. We understand this is a game, but it is like any sport. We need our team practicing and working together in order to maximize our potential.

6. BoE drops will go to members if it is an upgrade. otherwise it is sold for the Guild Bank.

7. Be ready for raid early, I hate having to start late because we were not ready on time because of one player.

8. Don't argue with The Raid Lead or Officers. They are Officers for a reason so don't disrespect them. They deserve the respect they deserve because they have earned it. What I say goes in the end. If you would like to have a chat with me then that would be fine! just let me know a time when you would like too.

9. Be an expert on your class before you try to be an expert on someone else's.

10. The Giraffe is Babi Noopi

Guild Bank Rules

The guild bank is for everyone to use and we work hard to keep it up and running for full raiding functionality. That means everyone should contribute in some way shape or form.

1. Don't take more than you need. A stack of pots for raid night is okay and 3 flasks per night are on the house. If you take more than that replace them or put in gold, don't be cheap, we need everyone to equally help out.

2. If you are caught taking more than you need and not replacing it then you will have Guild Bank permissions removed.

3. Only put Legion items into the Guild Bank. There really is no reason for old items to be put into the Guild Bank.